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Summer Reading Opportunities

Public Library Super Summer Reading Challenge

Here are some resources to keep the kids reading all summer long.

 Enjoy FREE events at the Library all Summer long.


Dilworth Wishes Our Four Retirees Well! We Love You!

When the bell rang today at 1:00, three teachers and a paraprofessional, Mrs. Cahoon, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Ricks, and Ms. Sherry, all left with the students as they entered a new phase of life:  GLORIOUS RETIREMENT!!!

Between the four professionals, the total number of years in Education is 114!  Each retiree said they look forward to gardening, vacations with family, sleeping in and not worrying about living by a schedule. Their lasting effects have been felt by students, fellow teachers, and our Dilworth Community!  We love you all and wish you the best in all you do!  Remember, you are ALWAYS a Dragon!  Go Dragons!

Field Day Fun

Dilworth students celebrated “SUMMER BREAK IS ALMOST HERE”!!  A HUGE thank you to parents and PTA for sponsoring a fantastically fun-filled Field Day!  

6th Grade Presents “Dancing Through the Decades”

One of the highlights of being a student at Dilworth is you have the privilege to perform a musical program with your grade level in front of the entire student body every year. By the time you are in 6th grade, Mrs. Jorgensen has added costumes and choreography with every song. This year, the 6th graders put on their dancing shoes and pulled out all the stops. This years energizing program was written and directed by our music teacher, Sharon Jorgensen. Our 6th grade students have learned many dances and songs during the year and took us on a magical journey through the decades. Starting with "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" you couldn’t help tapping your feet to the beat of the music. If you love Elvis, Elton John, the Beatles, Billy Joel, Shania Twain, Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake, this program was the energizing break you needed to make it through the last couple of weeks of school. The 6th graders were amazing showing off their vocal as well as their dancing skills.


In addition, we had 22 parents volunteer countless hours to help with scenery, costumes, choreography, and assisting students with their speaking parts in the program. Dilworth has the best PTA and supportive parents who are always on hand to make sure our students have a well-rounded education. Mrs. Jorgensen has been a part of the Dilworth Arts equation first, as a parent volunteer and later our as music teacher for close to 30 years. The 6th grade program as all of our grade level music programs would not be possible without Mrs. Jorgensen, our parents and our fabulous students at Dilworth.

2017-18 Eat Cake Love, Art Night Extravaganza

Dilworth Elementary held their annual Eat Cake, Love Art extravaganza on May 10 this year, giving students the opportunity to display their artwork and share their many talents with the Dilworth Community. This event brings Dilworth families, community members, and former students together to celebrate Dilworth’s art and music programs, and to raise funds for other special programs at the school. Everyone gets involved in the fun! Parents and teachers grilled and served food and cupcakes to attendees, while Dilworth students played instruments and shared a variety of other talents throughout the school halls. 6th graders volunteered their time to help others navigate digital presentations of their artwork, and the Peer Leadership students ran a plant sale to raise money for the school greenhouse project. Eat Cake, Love Art was once again, an extraordinary event in support of the many great things our students do here at Dilworth!

“The Princess in the Olive Garden”

Miss Parry's first grade class performed their Opera, “The Princess in the Olive Garden” on Tuesday, April 10. The children wrote the story and the music with the help of David Naylor from the Utah Opera Company. It was a story about a witch trying to get the Olives for her magic brew. The dragon blows his blue smoke and changes the trees back into children.

Through the process of writing and performing the opera, the children learned many skills, such as:  interaction with others to know and perform their individual parts, expression, and the power of creativity.   The students will perform again on April 11 for the parents.

Dilworth's Lip Sync Extravaganza

It has been a long-time tradition to start Dilworth's Spring Break with the Lip Sync Assembly.  Our fourth, fifth and sixth graders select songs to perform for parents and our student body.  The students practice after school and many times before school with the help of parent volunteers, who also spend countless hours preparing costumes and choreography.  The Lip Sync Assembly is an opportunity for students to perform with their friends in front of an audience.  For many students, it is an opportunity to do what they love the most…sing a song that makes them feel great.  This assembly makes everyone happy and allows students and the audience to celebrate student’s creativity through music and dance. 

On Thursday, March 22, our parents were treated to an assembly full of excited students in amazing and colorful costumes, showing off incredible dance moves while lip-syncing to some of their favorite songs.  The students performed in front of a standing room only crowd of parents, grandparents and friends.  Many in the audience were taking videos and pictures of their favorite super star.  On Friday morning, the lip sync assembly was performed for our student body and faculty.  It was another packed crowd and the smiles and cheering was the sendoff every student and faculty member wanted to begin their Spring Break.   

Brandon Mull Visits Dilworth

On March 19, 2018, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade students were able to listen to author, Brandon Mull, as he shared his writing secrets.  Mr. Mull has 14 books on the New York Times Best Selling List. Students were able to participate in his "Imagination Game", which helped envision how he brainstorms before writing his books.  This game was an easy way for us, as students, to move forward in creating our own stories.  He also shared with us his four secrets to becoming a writer:  First, "Have A Lot of Experiences (Including Embarrassing Ones), second, "Exercise your Imagination and Create Stories", third, "Read A Lot, Read Every day!"  fourth, "Write Stories and Share with a Trusted Friend."  We were also able to watch a video book trailer for his book series, Five Kingdoms.  A highlight for many students was a chance to have their books signed by him. Thank you, Mr. Mull for visiting our school. The students were able to learn so much from you and we appreciate the time you spent to teach us how to become a writer.  In addition, thank you to The Kings English Book Shop for sponsoring Mr. Mull's visit to Dilworth.  

Submitted by Mckenzie Coleman, Sixth Grade Student

Kindness Crew Reminds Dilworth That It is All About Being Kind

The Kindness Crew surprised students and faculty with over 2,500 post-it notes bearing messages of kindness on Friday morning.  The notes explained to students that what you say can ‘stick,’ and to always ‘keep kind in mind’. The students hope that their efforts will produce a culture of kindness at Dilworth that will remain and continue beyond their years here. This has been a great start!

Stand Up and Speak Up for Kindness

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, the Kindness Crew at Dilworth Elementary sent a “call out” to students to Stand Up and Speak Up for Kindness at Dilworth in continuation of the kindness initiative started this year. All students who wished to participate lined the halls and joined their peers to walk around the school block, promoting the importance and commitment to kindness, and standing up for each other. Many parents came out to support the students, cheering from the sidelines, or walking alongside the students. Dilworth Principal, Jeremy Chatterton, was inspired by the event and the support that it received.

Kindness Crew

Contributed by Julie Davidson, Peer Leadership Advisor

As part of the Kindness initiative started by the Peer Leadership Council at Dilworth, the 'Kindness Crew' helped to organize a collection drive to benefit the Highland High Food Pantry. The theme for the month of December was to do something kind for another by lending a 'helping hand'. Through the 'Helping Hands' project, Dilworth students who donated items were thanked with a mitten that was displayed in the halls at Dilworth. With the help of the Dilworth teachers, parents and community, students met and exceeded their collection goals, and were able to serve over 200 students in the Highland High School community with the items donated! In February, the Kindness Crew will visit classrooms to focus on empathy, and students will be encouraged to develop a greater understanding for how our actions and choices can affect others.

Thank you for supporting and encouraging our students in their efforts to practice kindness in our Dilworth community!

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop

Dilworth's Annual Science Fair and Science Night

Part of the Science Core for Fifth and Sixth Grade is submitting a Science Fair Project.   The students could choose to do an Engineering project or an experiment using the Scientific Method.  Students in Fifth and Sixth Grades displayed their boards for the school and community to view on Wednesday, January 24, which was also the day of our Science Night for the school and community.  Also on display were classroom projects from Kindergarten, First, Second, Third and Fourth Grades.  Science Night was well attended with well over 350 students plus parents who were able to view the Science Fair projects in addition to participating in ten different activities. 

Dilworth’s Annual  Science Family Fun Night was initiated by the School Community Council (SCC) Committee as part of the School Improvement Plan (SIP). The activity and events were organized by a committee of parents. Included in the evening’s activities was a fundraiser dinner hosted and served by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  In addition, the activities were run by supportive parents and teachers. Through the efforts of many, students were able to experience a myriad of science activities that covered a broad range of potential interests. Children could be found holding a snakes, spiders, or centipedes, mixing fake snow, and using a green screen to be in a movie. Students were even able to try and protect an egg as it dropped from the second floor of the building in hopes that it wouldn’t crack!  Every student was able to leave Science Night with their own geode that they could take home. A special thank you to Mike and Kristina Hight for heading up our Science Night activities.   

On Tuesday, January 30 the top ten projects from both Fifth and Sixth Grade were judged by an independent panel of judges.  The judges determine the top Five projects from the grades to represent Dilworth at the District Science Fair on February 7th.  Congratulations to all our Fifth and Sixth Graders who participated in the Science Fair.   

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