Food and Clothing Drive for Refugees & Low-Income Families

Dilworth is partnering with the Lions Club and the City of South Salt Lake to help refugees and low-income families in our neighborhood. 
We are having a Food and Clothing Drive from Monday, October 3 through Monday, October 17.
Donate items including:
-          Lightly used clothing for parents and children
-          Lightly used gloves, hats, coats
-          New or lightly used shoes
-          New socks
-          Diapers (all sizes)
-          Bags of rice
-          Pasta
-          Cooking oil
-          Sugar, salt, flour
-          Cooking utensils (pots, pans, etc.)
***The Lions Club has agreed to help sponsor our food/clothing drive this year.  If everyone in your homeroom, including the teacher, donates something (a pair of socks, a slightly used coat…), your class gets $40 for a cause of their choice! 

PTA Website

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new Dilworth PTA website.  This website is sponsored by the PTA and is another great way to stay connected to the school.  The new site can be found at


Dilworth Dragons Welcomed Best Selling Children's Book Author Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson Haddix, author of Among the Hidden book series and the Missing series, visited Dilworth Elementary on Thursday, September 22nd. Ms. Haddix spoke to the students about how she creates her characters and the settings of her books. She explained that she often begins thinking about the "what ifs" of everyday experiences. When asked how many times do you rewrite your stories, Ms. Haddix spoke about her appreciation for the editing process of writing.  She explained that editing her writing gives her a "second and third and fourth" chance to explain what she REALLY want to say in her books.

Dilworth also welcomed 4-6th graders from Beacon Heights to participate in the author visit. The Kings English Bookstore sponsored the event.

Dilworth's Teachers Are Always Learning 

On September 1st, the Dilworth faculty participated in professional development with our District Math Coach, Julie Krueger, to develop math instructional strategies that are aligned with Utah Core Standards and the end of year assessments, such as the SAGE assessment. This professional development is a central component of Dilworth’s 2016-2017 School Improvement Plan.  During the professional development, teachers developed grade appropriate “DOK” (Depth of Knowledge) Math tasks that they will teach to their own classes over the next two months.  Teachers will observe each other and provide peer feedback with the objective of improving student understanding of Math concepts at Dilworth. 

Teachers will work with our District Language Arts Coach, Jennifer Robertson, on October 31st in the afternoon, to build appropriate tasks for writing and reading.    

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