2017 Dilworth's Science Family Fun Night


On Thursday, February 9, Dilworth Elementary was packed with students eager to participate in the Second Annual Science Family Fun Night. Over 300 students participated in 10 different hands-on STEM activities. The event was a huge success and is a tribute to what is possible when different committees within the school work together to improve educational opportunities for all students.

Dilworth Science Family Fun Night was initiated by the School Community Council (SCC) Committee as part of the School Improvement Plan (SIP). The activity and events were organized by a committee of parents. Included in the evening’s activities was a fundraiser dinner hosted and served by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  In addition, the activities were run by supportive parents and teachers. The result was a science activity that will not soon be forgotten by students.

Through the efforts of many, students were able to experience a myriad of science activities that covered a broad range of potential interests. Children could be found launching rockets, making slime, holding a snake, experiencing electricity, knocking down cups with air cannons, meeting a hawk and owl, learning about fossils, creating structures to withstand an earthquake shake, or using a green screen to be in a movie. Students were even able to try and protect an egg as it dropped from the second floor of the building in hopes that it wouldn’t crack!

Even though Dilworth’s Science Family Fun Night only lasts one night, its impact on our students is long lasting. Our teachers are constantly working to provide the highest level of instruction. Our Science Night works in conjunction with them by providing them with passionate engaged learners. We are excited about the young scientists being developed at Dilworth Elementary and look forward to providing them with new opportunities again next year.

Check out the photo gallery to see some photos of the other events held during the evening.

Second Annual Dilworth Chess Tournament

Written by Isabel Ibarra, 6th grade student and participant in Chess Tournament

On Saturday, February 4, Dilworth Elementary hosted the Second Annual Dilworth Chess Tournament.  About 300 people came, including parents and coaches of the players.  There were approximately 170 players, with ages ranging from 5 years old to 18 years old.  There were 22 students representing our school.

This particular chess tournament was a scholastic event, which means that it’s from Kindergarten to 12th grade and kids compete with children of their age group.  It was also a USCF rated tournament, which indicates that each student receives a membership from the federation that keeps track of their points from now on, wherever they play in the US.  The tournament has a Swiss System, with five games per player with no elimination, meaning that if one were to lose a game, he/she could still get to play the rest of the five games.

At the end of the tournament, there was an awards ceremony where the top five players per grade received a trophy and everyone else got a medal with the Dilworth logo on it.  Schools also received trophies according to their players’ score.  The player who did best from our Dilworth Team was Angela Zhou, with four out of five games won; she got 3rd place in fourth grade.  The champion schools were Morningside Elementary, Wasatch Junior High and West High School, each one on their division.

This tournament would not have been possible without the Chess Clubs parents’ help.  From setting up, to judging, to concessions sales and cleaning afterwards, we were a team!  All in all, the Second Annual Dilworth Chess Tournament was an amazing hit!  We hope to do it again next year!

SLCSD Open Enrollment Notice

Press Release/Notice

For the coming school year, students interested in enrolling in a Salt Lake City school, who live outside the district or school boundaries, may submit an Open Enrollment Application during the Early Enrollment period from December 1, 2016 through February 17, 2017. Applications are taken in the Student Services Department of the Salt Lake City School District Administration Building.

Students may apply for enrollment in schools designated as “Open” to transfer. Selected schools, programs and grades may be at capacity for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year and not available as a choice for out-of-resident students.  A list of available schools, grades, and programs or other information pertaining to the open enrollment policy may be obtained after November 30, 2016 from the Student Services office at the above address or by calling (801)578-8206 or (801)578-8475.

Students currently enrolled in (6th) grade must apply for transfer to the middle school of their choice and eighth (8th) grade students must make application for the high school of their choice during the Early Open Enrollment period.

A $5.00 processing fee will be charged at the time of application and may be waived for qualified applicants.

Parents and students will be notified in writing by March 31, 2017 of acceptance or rejection of the request for an Open Enrollment transfer to that school.

          *      *     *     *     *     *

A currently enrolled nonresident student shall be permitted to remain enrolled, subject to the same rules and standards as resident students, without renewed applications in subsequent years unless any of the following occurs:

  • The student graduates or is no longer a Utah resident;
  • The student is suspended or expelled from school;
  • The district determines that school enrollment will exceed the open enrollment threshold;

If the transfer of a currently enrolled student is being rejected for the coming year, parents will be notified in writing by March 15, 2017.

PTA Website

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new Dilworth PTA website.  This website is sponsored by the PTA and is another great way to stay connected to the school.  The new site can be found at


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