Kindness Crew Reminds Dilworth That It is All About Being Kind

The Kindness Crew surprised students and faculty with over 2,500 post-it notes bearing messages of kindness on Friday morning.  The notes explained to students that what you say can ‘stick,’ and to always ‘keep kind in mind’. The students hope that their efforts will produce a culture of kindness at Dilworth that will remain and continue beyond their years here. This has been a great start!

Stand Up and Speak Up for Kindness

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, the Kindness Crew at Dilworth Elementary sent a “call out” to students to Stand Up and Speak Up for Kindness at Dilworth in continuation of the kindness initiative started this year. All students who wished to participate lined the halls and joined their peers to walk around the school block, promoting the importance and commitment to kindness, and standing up for each other. Many parents came out to support the students, cheering from the sidelines, or walking alongside the students. Dilworth Principal, Jeremy Chatterton, was inspired by the event and the support that it received.

Kindergarten Sings About the Four Seasons

Kindergartners have been working hard all year long to prepare for our program about the four seasons.  We've loved spending time each week working on songs, poems, dances and art projects with our music teacher Mrs. Jorgensen and our art teacher Ms. Davidson.  We were nervous but excited to have our families and friends come to see us and our performance was a big success!  

Yee Haw! It's Third Grade's Square Dance Performance

Our third grade square dance program was a huge success! The students worked hard to learn their left and right, how to get along with a partner, how to work in a group, and how to listen for instructions. They also had a lot of fun! They looked adorable in their “western wear” even though we lost a few bandanas and hats during the performance. Yee Haw!

Dilworth’s Jump Rope for Heart

Who: All students 

What: Jump Rope for Heart

When: March 1st through March 16th

Where: School during PE time

For more eduction at

Here is some information about American Heart Association:

  • Over the past 10 years, the American Heart Association has invested almost $18,000,000 in research projects at the University of Utah and Utah State University.
  • The AHA is giving $15 Million to four institutions for new research projects focused on children’s heart health. Over the next four years, each institution will receive $3.7 million to conduct this research.
    • Children’s National Health System in Washington, D.C.
    • The University of Utah- aiming to prevent or predict congenital heart disease and improve decision making between parents and physicians
    • Northwestern University
    • Duke Center for Pediatric Obesity Research

Dilworth's 2017-18 Lip Sync Rules and Information

"Let Freedom Ring!" 2017-18 Fifth Grade Patriotic Program

Dilworth Fifth Grade presented their annual U.S. History and Patriotic Program on February 22nd. They performed before a large crowd of family members and community members as well as the student body. Students explained the history of the United States through words and songs. Included was a video “What the Constitution Means to Me,” the beloved military slideshow which honors students’ family members who are currently serving or have served in the military, honoring families who have recently immigrated to the United States, and more! The program was written by Fifth Grade Social Studies teacher, Linette Sheffield, and the music was conducted by Sharon Jorgensen. Students produced artwork under the guidance of Julie Davidson, art teacher. Their paintings of The Statue of Liberty and our U.S. Flag were fabulous!

2017-18 Sixth Grade Valentine's Day Dance

The 6th grade Valentine Dance has been a long standing tradition at Dilworth Elementary.  Our 6th graders have been learning line dances, the triple step, waltz,  swing, and the cha-cha since the beginning of school.  In addition to our regular P.E. time each week, the 6th grade students have been dancing for 45 minutes each Monday.  On Valentine's Day the 6th graders and their teachers came to school dressed in their best to show off their dancing skills.  There is something special about this day at Dilworth.  From the minute the 6th graders entered the building on Valentines Day they seem to walk a bit taller, focus a bit more, and continually thank not only their teachers but their fellow classmates and the countless parent volunteers for making this a day to remember.  

This years dance was one of  the best 6th grade dances we have had the pleasure to attend.  The students enjoyed filling out their dance cards and checking to make sure everyone's dance cards were being filled out.  They loved dancing, eating the delicious refreshments, and having their pictures taken. The air of happiness and friendship seemed to fill the auditorium to the point that other students in the school would stand at the doors and watch the 6th graders dance.  It was great to see faculty and staff members coming to the auditorium to see the 6th graders in action. A special thank-you to Mark Christianson, Ben's dad for joining us every Monday and teaching us the cha-cha, and the triple-step.  The memory of this dance will hold a special place in our hearts!  Thanks 6th grade for making Valentine's Day 2018 the best ever!!!   

Dilworth's Annual Science Fair and Science Night

Part of the Science Core for Fifth and Sixth Grade is submitting a Science Fair Project.   The students could choose to do an Engineering project or an experiment using the Scientific Method.  Students in Fifth and Sixth Grades displayed their boards for the school and community to view on Wednesday, January 24, which was also the day of our Science Night for the school and community.  Also on display were classroom projects from Kindergarten, First, Second, Third and Fourth Grades.  Science Night was well attended with well over 350 students plus parents who were able to view the Science Fair projects in addition to participating in ten different activities. 

Dilworth’s Annual  Science Family Fun Night was initiated by the School Community Council (SCC) Committee as part of the School Improvement Plan (SIP). The activity and events were organized by a committee of parents. Included in the evening’s activities was a fundraiser dinner hosted and served by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  In addition, the activities were run by supportive parents and teachers. Through the efforts of many, students were able to experience a myriad of science activities that covered a broad range of potential interests. Children could be found holding a snakes, spiders, or centipedes, mixing fake snow, and using a green screen to be in a movie. Students were even able to try and protect an egg as it dropped from the second floor of the building in hopes that it wouldn’t crack!  Every student was able to leave Science Night with their own geode that they could take home. A special thank you to Mike and Kristina Hight for heading up our Science Night activities.   

On Tuesday, January 30 the top ten projects from both Fifth and Sixth Grade were judged by an independent panel of judges.  The judges determine the top Five projects from the grades to represent Dilworth at the District Science Fair on February 7th.  Congratulations to all our Fifth and Sixth Graders who participated in the Science Fair.   

Kindness Crew

Contributed by Julie Davidson, Peer Leadership Advisor

As part of the Kindness initiative started by the Peer Leadership Council at Dilworth, the 'Kindness Crew' helped to organize a collection drive to benefit the Highland High Food Pantry. The theme for the month of December was to do something kind for another by lending a 'helping hand'. Through the 'Helping Hands' project, Dilworth students who donated items were thanked with a mitten that was displayed in the halls at Dilworth. With the help of the Dilworth teachers, parents and community, students met and exceeded their collection goals, and were able to serve over 200 students in the Highland High School community with the items donated! In February, the Kindness Crew will visit classrooms to focus on empathy, and students will be encouraged to develop a greater understanding for how our actions and choices can affect others.

Thank you for supporting and encouraging our students in their efforts to practice kindness in our Dilworth community!

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop

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