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My name is Aundrea Dilanchian and I am the school counselor at Dilworth Elementary. I am here to help ensure that your child is receiving the best experience here at Dilworth as well as making sure she/he is interacting in a safe, positive, and emotionally healthy environment. Providing individual and group counseling are one of the ways I am able to help students to achieve this goal. 

This year, we are promoting Social Emotional Learning and Bullying education for all of our students. These topics are infused into our school whether it be in an individual session with a student, in a group setting, or in the classroom. Some specific topics that are taught in the classrooms are: Showing compassion, Empathy, Emotion Management, Managing Nervous Feelings and Anger, Taking Responsibility, Problem Solving, etc. These various topics are taught by the counselor and renenforced by teachers and staff. 

As Dilworth’s school counselor, I am here to offer support to you and your students in any way that I can. I provide emotional support through one-on-one counseling OR group counseling consisting of multiple students focusing on a certain subject matter. I am also here to help connect families to community resources or listen to any concerns a parent or teacher may have about their student. Before the counselor can schedule ongoing counseling services with a student, a parent or guardian must sign a permission slip granting consent of services. This permission form can be found attached to the bottom of this page or can be requested from the student’s teacher and sent home. 

If you and your family or in need of clothing, shelter, bill and food assistance, parenting classes, community health resources, etc. please find the “Community” drop down tab on the top bar of this website and click “Family Support” for further community resources. 


Dilworth Parent Info Nights

Once a month, I will be hosting a "Parent Info Session Night" in the Library. These info sessions will be for any Dilworth parent who would like to learn about different topics focusing around promoting healthy friendships, problem solving skills, healthy coping skills, bullying, emotions, difficult changes, grief, etc. for their child. 

If you were unable to attend a class, please find uploaded materials that were used. 

Aundrea Dilanchian, CSW

(801)-481-4876 x106
Office hours: M-F 8:00 am- 4:00 pm


Disclosure Documents

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Parent/Guardian Permission for School Counseling Services English /
Parent Information Class #1: How to Help the Nervous Child English

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