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Julie Davidson is our Visual Arts Specialist at Dilworth Elementary.  During her time at the University of Utah, Julie received a scholarship to study Art History and Literature at Cambridge University, UK.  She subsequently returned to the Art Department at the University of Utah, and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and Photography. Julie has developed a passion for how the arts cross all boundaries throughout subject areas and curriculum, and specializes in Arts Integration across the grade levels.  She says, “My goal as an art teacher is not to train students to become master artists.  Teaching art reaches far beyond the premise of mastering a specific art form.  Learning and experiencing Art provides mastery of thought processes and creative thinking.  It provides concrete experiences in which students can immerse their own ideas, and explore the processes in various ways.  Art teaches children how to take risks, and how to think around a problem. It teaches them how to see things differently, and to look much deeper than the surface.  I am teaching thinkers who will resolve problems with more creative solutions, and approach issues in any profession with different ways of seeing, looking and understanding.  Like music and other art forms, the visual arts teach skills that extend far beyond pencils and paints.  Art brings creative thinking, compassion, empathy, communication skills, listening skills, focus, expression, self-awareness...the list goes on and on.   These students are the future...they can build a world that we can’t even imagine...yet!”


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